Code of Behaviour

1. We expect our students to behave like civilized and polite individuals.
2. Any kind of internal dispute among the students is not desirable.
3. The students will be required to comply with the orders of the administration and will have to act as per its instructions.
4. If a student causes damage of any kind to the School property, he/she shall be charged for its repair or replacement, as the need be.
5. Students not wearing the proper uniform would be penalized as per School rules.
6. If a student is late for more than 3 days in a month, he/she will be marked ABSENT and sent back home.
7. If a student leaves the School without permission, he/she shall be responsible in all respects, and disciplinary action shall be initiated against him/her.
8. If a student is found guilty of rudeness/in subordination/gross misconduct he/she may be asked to be withdrawn immediately from the School. It is without prejudice to other disciplinary action which might be taken by the School.

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